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About Us


Eyup! I'm Liv, the founder of Sweet Bud Florals. Thanks for visiting our website.

Sweet Bud is an independent, female-owned florist and plant shop based in Manchester. Situated in Levenshulme's Antiques Village Courtyard, the studio shop space is open Wednesday to Sunday during Spring/Summer/Autumn and open by appointment during Winter.

We sell fresh flowers, houseplants, dried flowers, pots, vases and terrariums in the studio shop. We also create floral displays for events and weddings as well as hosting flower school workshops.

If you would like one of our signature bouquets, walk ins are welcome however its always best to check on the day as we often sell out quickly. Ordering in advance is preferred so we can guarantee you a beautiful bouquet.

With over 10 years of experience in the floral industry, as well as qualifications in both floristry and art and design, I founded Sweet Bud Florals in May 2023. I have worked in established florists in Yorkshire and Manchester as a senior florist and my speciality is in creating large installations. I mostly work solo, you'll find me in the studio most days, surrounding myself with plants and flowers while planning the next big thing.

Floristry is my passion, having fallen into it as a career after a big struggle with addiction and mental health issues. My main aim is to brighten the lives of others, using flowers as therapy. I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the beautiful nature of plants and flowers and I think that needs to be shared.


Frustrated by the low sustainability aspect of working florists, we create designs that are as eco-friendly as possible. With many florists still opting to use outdated, hazardous materials we wanted to provide a more environmentally friendly approach for the people of Manchester.

We do not use floral foam of any kind and only use biodegradable plastics. 

If you like what we do please give us a mention on social media or write us a review. The business is still in its first year and we appreciate all your support!

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